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10th Moisycos International Guitar Competition

Aprilia (LT), Italy - May 20th, 21st 2017

Special Prize
The best player of E. Bottiglieri's music will receive 400 euro.


Aprilia (LT), Italy

May 20th, 21st 2017

The competition is open to all guitarists, no age limit.
The finalists of the last edition will play directly from the semifinal of this edition.

Date limit
April 20th, 2017

80 euro

Bank account
The fee for the International Competition must be payed not later than April 20th, 2017, by international transfer account, in the name of:
Istituto Interculturale Moisycos
Banca UniCredit - Agenzia Siracusa Scala Greca
IBAN IT50I 02008 17105 000103047602
The fee will not refund in any case.

Application form:
The application form must be sended not later than April 20th, 2017. Write all the information in the application form.

Preliminary - May 20th, 2017
A) Free program choise max 10 minutes.

Final - May 21st, 2017
A) E. Bottiglieri: "Piccola Suite 1 ottobre",
B) Free program choise max 10 minutes.

- The E. Bottiglieri's piece will send to the competitor by email, free, in pdf, after we receive the application form and the bank transfer.
- The pieces played in one round cannot be played in the following rounds.
- The pieces written in the application form cannot be changed.
- The free program choise must be original for guitar, we accept only the transcription from lute, viuhela or similar instruments.

The 10th Moisycos International Guitar Competition (preliminary, semifinal, final and cerimony) can be recorded from Istituto Interculturale Moisycos on video/audio. The copyright of this material is propriety of Istituto Interculturale Moisycos that can use it in any way (internet, radio, tv channel, newspaper and all others media). The partecipants to 10th Moisycos International Guitar Competition agree and never pretend, since now and in the future, any royalties.

For any controversy the only valid text is the italian version.

To write and to send the application form will entail the acceptance of all rules wrote above.

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